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Username: Bg_marlow

Post Number: 88
Registered: 03-2008
Posted on Monday, May 16, 2011 - 10:56 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

In the mottled sunshine, under a spring-green canopy of trees lay several patchwork quilts. Little white tables and chairs had been set up on the quilts, and each table had a pink lace cloth covering and a tea service tray set upon it. One big table was set up in the middle of all the quilts. This table held all sorts of cakes, paw-sized sandwiches, and cookies. In a little while, these tables would all be filled with the ferret ladies of Rainbow Bridge coming to the annual Rainbow Tea Party held by Nanny and Camille.
Now the BIG thing occupying each little female ferrets' mind was what HAT to wear to tea! Each one vied to create the most unique headwear. A tent had been set up for all to create their own. Each lady was given a basic straw hat which she could decorate as she liked. In front of them were fresh flowers a plenty, and many hats were already covered in purple irises, big orange and red poppies, every color of rose there ever was. Bits of ribbons and lace were woven in. Feathers had been donated by the bird colonies in heaven and were being arranged with the flowers, ribbons, laces and other decorations. BG and Scooter happened by on the way to the toy warehouse. Scooter noticed Lola.
Whatcha makin' Lola?
My new spring hat for the Rainbow Tea this afternoon.
Oh. Can I watch?
Lola took a red ribbon and wrapped it around the crown of her summer straw hat. She had gathered yellow roses, orange poppies and purple irises, which she arranged around the front, back and sides until not one inch of straw could be seen except for around part of the brim. Around the front brim she glued a gauzy piece of pale lilac netting, and then made a bow of the netting to add to the side of her arranged flowers.She put the hat on her head.
How'da I look?
You look like da purdiest flower in da garden.
Lola lowered her eyes and smiled.
Thank you, Scooter"
Scooter's cheeks took on a pink glow and he grinned back at her.
Wanna go for a walk after yer tea?
I'd like that very much. Yes.
Meanwhile BG had been hijacked by the kit jills. They were busy fitting him with a hat of blue and pink ribbons that streamed down the back. Placed on one side were three peacock feathers and a single row of black-eyed-susans around the base.
Oh Mr Marlow you look deeeeeeeeevine
Scooter spied BG and laughed.
Ohhhh yeeesssss juss so deevine
At just that moment the windchimes set to playing their music. BG removed his hat and placed it on another kits head. He made a sweeping bow to the little ladies.
I must bid adieu ladies
The two headed off to the Bridge. In no time they were there and waited for the shooting star to pass overhead and drop her note.
Nice hat dude
Before BG could reply the star made her pass and dropped her note. Please greet Sophie........
Well ya need ta go find Ellie of Catx10 Clan
Oh dat be easy....she over dere wif da ladies
Scooter headed back to where he just came from. He quickly found Ellie. She was fashioning a hat of powder blue feathers poking out from bunches of purple violets. She was in front of a mirror checking her look.
Umm Miss Ellie I needs ya ta comes to da Bridge. Yer sister Sophieis comin
Sophie? Really? My sissy is comin!?
Ellie was so excited that she grabbed Scooters paw and drug him back to the Bridge. She took up a spot next to BG.They waited and soon the mist spread its way up from the earthly side. A tiny white ferret with some accent dark hairs struggled up to them, dragging a pink drawstring bag. She stopped just as she reached the Bridge.
Hi I'm BG Marlow greeter and guide to Rainbow Bridge. This is Scooter my assistant. This is yer new forever home where you can frolic and play yer days away. All pains will cease and all illness will be healed.
Hi....Im Sophie, I could sure use feelin better. I so very tired an my tummy feels yucky
Well tell me what color wings you would like
Wings...I get dem? Oh wowsie! Well I really like pink
Ok den make yer way on over
Sophie gathered up her strength and made her way over the Bridge. She started to feel a tingle on her back. It made her shiver. Her tummy tickled and she no longer was icky inside. She saw the looking glass and ran to peer in. In it she saw a strong ferret with a full thick glossy coat. Upon her back was a pair of wings the perfect girlie pink, lace wings.
Ohhhhhhh dem soooo boootiful
She turned this way and that to see herself, then she spied Ellie. She ran to her and dooked and danced all about. The two girls squeed at each other and carried on. Soon their commotion quieted, Sophie looked at BG
Oh its so bery nice here and I feel so much better but I miss mama
Well we can take you to a place where you can check in on her
Oh dat would be so nice
The four headed off to the misting fountain. Along the way they passed the festivities that were going on. Sophie looked curiously. Ellie tugged at her anxious to see what mama was up to. They passed all the normal sights, the lake, the toy warehouse and the food tent. In no time they were at the misting fountain. Sophie studied the flower sculpture in the center.
Look into the waters and think of yer mama
Sophie did and the water began to calm. An image appeared. It was Mama Jeanne sitting on the floor. She was playing with Savannah but tears streamed down her face.
Oh mama pwaese don't be sad. Im here safe an sounds. Ellie is here.Im so glad to see her. An mama...its booootiful here. Ferwets run awound all ober da place playin and runnin.....and bestest fing....I feel so goods an I can dance and run and jump. I feels like I'se a kit agin. Mama, Im sorry I lefts, I know you trieds ta make me feel better but I was juss so tired and I heard dis soft voice callin my was sooooo perty. I love you did everyfing right...tanks for tryin to make my lifes so was da bestest.....I love you mama....I love you.......
Sophie and Ellie began blowing kisses. They watched as the kisses slowly sunk to the bottom of the pool and then magically drifted down to earth to land on mama's cheeks. The water began to ripple and the image faded away.
You can come here anytime you want to check on yer mama. She will know when you are near.
Fank you Mr BG
We your welcome and anytime you have questions or need assistance you come find us
Sophie smiled feeling warm and happy inside
What did you bring in yer bag Sophie?
Sophie lifted her drawstring bag up high.
Dis got kisses I stoled from mama da mornin fore I left....I gots a piece of her hearts too. I share dem wif you
Oh fank you I would really like summa mama;s kisses
What's on your head Ellie?
OH! Sophie, you've arrived just in time for our annual Rainbow Tea Party! C'mon, I'll help you make your hat so we won't be late! I have just the thing for you: pale pink and dark pink peonies with pink and white baby's breath! Oh, we're gonna have such fun!! Im so glad you are here!
The girls ran off paw-in-paw...hardly pausing to wave goodbye. They chattered like two hoomin teenage girls on the phone and were out of sight in seconds.
Tink dere'll be any of dose cakes and cookies left after their tea?
I THINK you better concentrate on all da boys at the warehouse waitin for a wrasslin match with you.... You know those kits love hangin on ya
Oh I know... dats why I had free bowls of my Marshmellow Mateys fer bweakfast
The two headed off to the toy warehouse were the testosterone was in command as the ladies were all at tea.
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Username: Dferretmom

Post Number: 1748
Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 - 6:57 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Jeanne Sophie will be fine now with Ellie.
And there is my little Camille. She will make
Sophie and Ellie each a lovely cup of tea while
they admire each others hats.

Thanks BG for these lovely greetings. Its nice to
know our babies are safe and keeping each other company til we are all reunited.
Denise, coming to you from sunny Yukon, Ok - Loving mom to 2 grown skin kids, 18 darling fuzzie babies, 2 cats and 5 dogs.
"Some people are like slinkys, good for nothing, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs."
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Username: Catzx10

Post Number: 199
Registered: 10-2007
Posted on Friday, May 20, 2011 - 5:54 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I miss her so much, I want her back.

(Message edited by catzx10 on May 20, 2011)
Jeanne is owned by two ferrets Sophie and Ellie (Ellie is an angel now) and my new girl Savannah, 2 dogs, Molly (an australian shepard) and Madison (A.K.A. Maddie) and 11 indoor cats, April, Sydney (an angel now), Phoebe, Jack, Jill, Zoe, Sabrina, Milo, Morgan, Simon & Simone

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